Pamela Rosaire Zoppe is larger than life. Through her rough and tough exterior and hilarious, biting wit, shines a woman with passion, determination and a bond so deep with her chimps that itís easy to forget they are wild and dangerous animals. She is the only woman in the world willing and capable of handling adult chimpanzees.

Pam is all too aware that she puts her life on the line on a daily basis being in such close contact with these powerful and unpredictable animals. But she mothers and loves them like her kids and will do anything to protect them. Pamela and her husband, Roger Zoppe, have the last traveling chimpanzee act in the United States.

Roger Zoppe, a retired acrobat and bareback rider, is father to their brood of chimps and their 27 year old daughter, Dallas. Roger isnít afraid of wearing his emotions on his sleeve which is part of his endearing charm. Heís quick to laugh and quicker to cry and never looses his sense of humor. On the dangers of working with adult chimpanzees, Roger says with a laugh, ďIf you donít like gettiní beat up, this really isnít the business you want to be in.Ē

Dallas Zoppe, was born and raised in the circus and grew up with chimpanzees as her brothers and sisters. She began performing at age 6 in Pam and Rogerís bareback riding act. By the time she was 12, she was a skilled dancer and hula hoop artist and was already considered a seasoned performer working with chimpanzees, horses, elephants and dogs.