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Chance Rosaire appears in the upcoming movie "The Wolf of Wall Street". You can catch a quick glimpse of him in the movie's trailer. Click on link below.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The award-winning documentary film, “Circus Rosaire”, is

“Circus Rosaire” is now available ON DEMAND starting Dec 1st and will run for 90 days with the following cable operators: Charter, Verizon (Dec 11th), AT&T U-Verse, Mediacom, Rogers (Canada), Blueridge, Access Comm, Cable Cable Inc, EastLink, NorthwesTel Cable, Seaside Communications and Source Cable.

If you don’t see your local cable operator on this list, please contact them and request they carry “Circus Rosaire”!

“Circus Rosaire” is now available on NETFLIX!

Netflix is interested in carrying “Circus Rosaire” and now has it available to “save” in your movie queue. If they see there is great demand for the film, Netflix will carry it.

So for all you Netflix’ers, please log on to Netflix, go to the “Circus Rosaire” icon and click SAVE.

"Circus Rosaire" star Ricky the Chimp, graces the cover of Jon Stewart's new book!


"Engaging!" "Impressive!" "Pic should please ladies, gentlemen and children of all ages!"
Joe Leydon, Variety

"Charming and affecting!"
Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

"Enchanting and effective!"
John Beifuss, The Commercial Appeal

"Circus Rosaire is a charming, engaging gem of an indie film!
Kim Voyner, Cinematical

"Touching and poignant, "Circus Rosaire" is a delightful telling of a family tale that's a real and classic success story, complete with heartaches, controversy and lots of love.
Robert Waldman, Orato News

"Inspiring tears of sadness and joy, "Circus Rosaire" is for those who find heroes among common folks."
Leah Raquel Ranada, The Source

"One of the gems of this year's Slamdance festival!"
David Burger, Salt Lake City Tribune

“Amazing! You can’t help but to fall in love with this film”
Chris Steele, Mountain Morning Show

"Genuinely Moving!"
Glen Schaefer, The Province

"I would have to say that this movie's successful release for either theaters or television would be one of the most important events of our year!"
John Hart, ShowBiz USA

"One of the most buzzed about films..."Circus Rosaire" is a loving portrait of a family's struggle to preserve a fading institution."
Salt Lake City Tribune

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"Circus Rosaire" wins Best Florida Doc at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival!

"Circus Rosaire" wins Best Documentary Feature at the Swansea Life Film Festival in Wales, UK!

"Circus Rosaire" wins the Jury Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Arizona International Film Festival!

"Circus Rosaire" wins the Audience Award at the Memphis International Film Festival!

"Circus Rosaire" wins the Audience Award at the Sarasota Film Festival!