Robyn Bliley

Producer / Director

After first making her living as an actress in television shows and movies, Robyn co-founded Progressive Productions with her partner Chad Wilson in 2002 and has produced and directed numerous commercials, branded content and web series for such companies as AOL, Wal-Mart, Verizon, Lexus and others. Additionally, Robyn has directed hundreds of multi-camera live music programs with major recording artists such as Taylor Swift, Green Day, Gwen Stefani and Coldplay.

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Directors Note:

Iíve been fascinated by wild creatures for as long as I can remember. I spent my youth growing up in the woods of Tennessee observing and learning about animals. I was fortunate to have a very understanding mother who allowed me to continually bring home animals in need of homes, temporary safe havens or just your basic TLC. Needless to say I had quite an eclectic group of pets always around me and developed a deep respect for nature and her inhabitants.

Iíve known the Rosaire family since I was six years old and have been intrigued by their way of life in the circus and their devoted and loving relationships they have with their animal partners. Having a long and trusting relationship with the Rosaire family has allowed me incredible access to an otherwise very private family. During the course of shooting our film, the Rosaires have seen their share of tragedy. Our friendship has enabled me to capture their lives in an open and honest way, without limitations.

The domestication of wild animals and the use of animals in circuses is a hot button topic for many of us. And although I donít support or condone all circus animal trainers, I believe the Rosaire family provides us with an incredible and unique example of how people can use animals in entertainment while treating them with respect, dignity and love.