D. O’dell
October 13, 2007
I watched your film a few days ago, and really did like it. I must say that I started out with a skeptical eye, coming from National Geographic and all, because I have also been opposed to animal trainers. (I worked with Jane Goodall, and she was terribly opposed to trained chimps.) Having said that, I really did finally come to understand and sympathize with your main characters, and that was quite an accomplishment. It took some time over the course of the entire film to come around, but in the end I could truly see just how sincere and honest they were. That is a testament to the film. I was very glad that you included sound bytes and footage of the animal rights protesters, because that let the audience know that you were aware of the conflict between the two camps, and that you were fairly giving both equal time to air their views. The cinematography was WONDERFUL, as was the editing and music. I really did like the score. So, I think that you have a winner on your hands. Congratulations to you and to Robyn on such a great job. What an accomplishment!

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